POOL Guide

Calculate the size of your pool

Knowing the size of your pool is important. So if you are not sure how many gallons of water are in your pool, use the appropriate calculator below to get an approximate idea.

Rectangular Pools

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Oval Pools

Step 1. Five Critical Knows

There are 5 critical factors that everyone needs to know when it comes to maintaining great looking water. Over the long term, when the 5 factors at met, pool surfaces and pool equipment will last much longer.

Circulation & Filtration


Water Balance

Water Treatment

Step 2. Circulation & Filtration

Water must be moved around in a pool in order for the body of water to be healthy. Circulation will move all the good and undesirable additives around in the pool. Consistent circulation, generated by a pump, will make sure water stays in motion. The more water stays in motion the less issues that could potentially creep up down the road. Appropriately sized pool pumps must operate at least 8 hours a day. 12 hours is better. 24 hours is best!

As the pool water circulates, the water will eventually be moved into and through a filter. The filtration process takes out small and microscopic particles from the pool water. Then as the filter pulls more and more particles, the filter media collecting these materials will have to be rinsed out and cleaned. Without filtration the particles, no matter what size they are, will multiply or grow larger and larger until the water starts to haze - then goes very cloudy.

When it is time to clean a filter, use ProTeam Filter Magic according to the label directions for your type of filter. A clean filter allows it to capture more particulate which leads to cloudy water. It also maximizes the filters longevity.

Step 3. Cleaning

Cleaning seems to be a no brainier. Something calls into the pool? Pull it out. All those small particles? The pool equipment filter will take care of it. .

Here is a gross question. How many days can you go without showering before you feel - dirty? How about brushing your teeth? 1 day? 2 days? 3 days?? If you are active, probably not even a day. If you sit around binge watching your favorite television stream, probably more. Regardless, at some point you feed dirty - but you may not necessarily look like it.

Pool surfaces get dirty even though they might not appear so. The pool is always there, especially when its outdoors, collecting biofilms. These invisible biofilms eventually accumulate, and these accumulated biofilms harbor growth. The growth on the surfaces lead to a variety of issues from under disinfected water, cloudy water, or the proliferation of visible algae. The solution is brushing!

Many pools, because they are next to sandy areas or trees, need to be vacuumed to remove physical debris. These pools tend to have less issues, despite the matter being deposited to the pool, because the walls are being brushed while vacuuming. If you are fortunate to not have to deal with bringing out a vacuum cleaner for your pool, the walls should be brushed down at least once a week to lift up biofilms.

Step 4. Water Balance

Maintaining certain factors is critical for the short term comfort of the pool water and vital in the long term operation of a pool.

The water balance factors shown below are the most important numerical statistics outside of the levels of chlorine (or other sanitizer). These factors can make water soft or hard, soothing or irritable. These factors will also determine if the pool is prime for failure over time or make it tops for longevity.

The success to maintaining is testing the pool water with regularity. A local authorized ProTeam dealer can provide for an in-depth analysis of pool water along with accurate dosing information. People who like to do-it-themselves have several water testing option available as well.

Ideal Ranges

7.2 - 7.6

Total Alkalinity
80-120 ppm

Calcium Hardness
200 - 400 ppm

0 ppm

Step 5. Water Treatment (1 of 3)

Recreational water must be treated with a disinfectant, sometimes referred to as sanitizer, daily. If no disinfectant is applied to water, bacteria, algae, and organic wastes can build up in pool water. The result of these growth is water will quickly become cloudy and uncomfortable with an unpleasant odor.

Chlorine compounds have been effectively used for decades to ensure the safety and comfort of pool water. For daily introduction you can add a granular product that will allow you with precision to right dose your pool. Also, you can add a slow release tablet, that will last around 5-7 days, that does the work automatically. Regardless of how you introduce the chlorinating product, 1-3 ppm of product is needed. Test daily with a reliable test kit.

Options for Disinfecting Pool Water

ProTeam Pure Tabs

ProTeam Zip Chlor

Maintaining a Sanitizer

When using ProTeam Pure Tabs or Zip chlor, especially on a new fill of pool water, adding ProTeam UV Shield should be used to help chlorine from escaping outdoor pool. Add this product once and be done!

Step 6. Water Treatment (2 of 3)

The main culprit any person who operates or owns a pool will tell you that they must avoid is algae. Once algae is visibly present, its removal from the pool can be timely and costly.

ProTeam Supreme has been a safe and successful algae treatment and water harmonizer for more than 30 years. Long lasting results and single application make it a preferred choice for pool pros. Simply apply an initial dose at any time during the season and you are done! Re-treatments are not needed until way down the road!

For extra protection to your pool or in lieu of using ProTeam Supreme, our liquid ProTeam Algaecides. will help to keep any pool algae free. These products require regular additions and are compatible with all other water care products.

ProTeam Prevent

ProTeam Polyquat 60

Step 7. Water Treatment (3 of 3)

If you read this far - hokey smokes! Pools have a lot going on! On top of all these previously mentioned biofilm, algae, and microscopic particles, water collects the junk that comes off our bodies like body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotion and other swimmer wastes. Build-up of all these contaminants will make water cloudy and give off unpleasant odors.

Disinfectants help to remove some of this bad stuff from the pool. Eventually there will be too many of these contaminants in the water and they must be scoured or "shocked" out of the pool.

ProTeam offers a variety of products to remove these contaminants and leave your water sparkling clear and comfortable. A authorized ProTeam Dealer can help you decide which one is best.

Shock Treatments

ProTeam Power-73

ProTeam Shock & Swim

ProTeam Quick Shock