SPA Guide

SPA Guide

“A note as from a single place, a slender tinkling fall that made now drops that floated on the pool. Like pearls, and now a silver blade”
-Robert Frost

A poem; thoughtfully-crafted words flowing with rhythm and harmony can transport you to a place of tranquility, relaxation and comfort. The Pearl Blue Simplicity of ProTeam Spa also offers tranquility, relaxation and comfort in all of its thoughtfully-crafted products.

ProTeam Spa offers simple-to-use yet powerful tools to keep your spa or hot tub experience as peaceful, tranquil and comfortable as possible. Whether you are enjoying the spa by yourself or with a group of people, ProTeam Spa products help to insure that the spa water is fresh and clean.

Below are key points to excellent water quality. If you have any questions, please contact your authorized ProTeam Products Dealer or call us at 800.333.0400.

Calculate the size of your spa

Knowing the size of your spa is important. So if you are not sure how many gallons of water are in your spa, use the appropriate calculator below to get an approximate idea.

Square/Rectangle Spa

Round Spa

Oval Spa

Step 1. Three Water Things

In spa care there are three areas of maintenance. Knowing of these will lead to great water quality.

Balance Keeping water in balance insures that spa water is comfortable in the short term and the equipment lasts over the long term. .

Hygiene Practicing good water hygiene will keep water safe and prevent water from being overrun from germs and bacteria. .

Cleaning Periodic maintenance to surfaces and filters will make for water that looks great spa and a spa that operates smoothly. .

Step 2. Water Balance

Maintaining proper water balance will insure maximum results from your sanitizers, while maintaining comfortable water. Water balance consists of testing and making possible adjustments to pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. As the spa is being used, water should be tested at least once a week to insure that these factors are within their appropriate ranges. Most spa operators will have to make adjustments weekly.

pH below 7.2? Add ProTeam Spa pH Increaser

pH above 7.6? Add ProTeam Spa pH Decreaser.

Total Alkalinity below 80 ppm? Add ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up

Calcium Hardness levels only needs to be checked monthly. This factor does not change as frequently as pH and total alkalinity.

Calcium below 200 ppm? Add ProTeam Spa Calcium Up

Step 3. Water Hygiene

DAILY To keep water clear and safe for bathers, everyday there must to be a trace of disinfectant in spa water. Disinfectants destroy germs and other bacteria from the water. These products must be added to the water steadily and frequently.

ProTeam Spa Brominating Tabs Since this is a tablet, it automatically delivers that daily dose of disinfectant to the water.

ProTeam Spa Di-Chlor For those who prefer to hand apply their disinfectant. Safe, Concentrated.

WEEKLY People introduce to spa water personal care products, sweat, and body oils. These accumulate in water and eventually interfere with the daily disinfectant. Shocks remove the buildup of these materials we introduce to the water. A residential spa should be shocked at least once a week.

ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock Resume spa use in 15 minutes. Fast dissolving and odor free shock

ProTeam Spa Multi Shock Extra For those who prefer chlorine in their shock.

Step 4. Water Cleaning

Most of the work to keep a spa clean is done automatically! Modern spas tend to turn on and off so the water can be adequately turned over and filtered.

A spa filter collects a lot of wastes from bathers. These wastes are not very visible on the filter and if left uncleaned the filter will be too gummed up to clean! Since filters are constantly collecting wastes, light to moderately used spas should have their filters degreased monthly with ProTeam Spa Filter Clean .

Looking to avoid cleaning the filter? Regular additions of ProTeam Spa Natural Clean means you will never have to clean the spa filter until it is time to drain and refill the spa. Also Natural Clean prevents any waterline rings, meaning even less cleaning!

The natural breakdown of water additives and everything that else added to the water (including bathers!) will eventually make the spa water less pleasant than the day it was first filled. Spas should be drained and refilled every three months.

Step 5. Start & Continue

Five easy steps when freshly filling a new or an existing spa:

1) As the spa is filling add ProTeam Gentle Spa . This will make water care a breeze and keep water looking spectacular.

2) Shortly afterwards, add ProTeam Spa Metal Magic to the spa. This will prevent water issues such as scaling and staining.

3) Once the spa is filled and well circulated, balance the spa water.

4) Add a sanitizer to the spa. When using bromine, start by adding ProTeam Spa Brom Start to the spa. Shortly afterwards, add ProTeam Spa Brominating Tabs to the spa in an appropriate tablet dispenser. When using chlorine add ProTeam Spa Di-Chlor directly to the spa to achieve appropriate sanitizer levels.

5) Shock the spa with any ProTeam Spa Shock product. If you are a new spa owner or your spa has been empty for a couple days, use ProTeam Spa Di-Chlor. OR ProTeam Spa Multi Magic Shock Extra.

Weekly care should include adding these 3 products:

ProTeam Spa Metal Magic to prevent scale buildup on surfaces and equipment

ProTeam Spa Sky Blue Clarifier OR ProTeam Spa Natural Clean to help in the cleaning process of the spa

ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock OR ProTeam Spa Multi Magic Shock Extra to shock the spa