Waterlink Express by Lamotte

The proven colorimetric chemistries needed in water lab analysis are all inside the UDVs. With the WaterLink Express, a complete analysis – Free Chlorine through Borate – can now be done in under 4 minutes!


  • There is no need to measure either reagents or water samples
  • Replaces burets or stirring devices that require precise technique
  • The simple-to-use pipettor is precalibrated to deliver water samples into the testing device with each press of the plunger
  • Developed and maintained by LaMotte chemists


  • WaterLink Express digitally displays results directly in ppm
  • User-friendly push-button system permits easy forward/reverse scrolling through the test series
  • Each foil-sealed UDV contains the precise amount of reagent needed to run the test

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